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What grade would you give to a company that…

   ... it has been working in field of plastics with PVC pipes and fittings production since 1971, when it was founded by Gianfranco Burresi and became in 1981 in GVM Srl and in 1999 in GVM Spa.

... it has equipped with advanced machineries and production lines, two modern plants that taking up a covered area of approximately 6000 mq. and an exposed one of 24000 mq. used as stock finished products.

... manufacture PVC articles used for:
* pipes and fitting for buildings and sewers, protection of electric and telephone underground cables
* pipes for underground sewer ducts with elestomeric ring seal
* pipes for covering water wells.

... it was the first company in Italy to distinguish pipes for water wells with blue colour and no-toxic certificate that guarantees the product concerning the sanitary regulations according to ministerial decree n° 102 dated 02/12/1978.

... it offers customers a full service because, in addition to these articles, also provides:
* high and low density polyethylene pipe for drinking water and food liquid in pressure
* cable conduits twin layer, single layer and drainages:

has a large warehouse where have been stocked finished goods to satisfy all customers with availability and fast deliveries.

... I would say a good 10 in behaviour!!!